Pres. Char Issues a Call to Action: Join a MOCEP Committee!

Pres. Char Issues a Call to Action: Join a MOCEP Committee!

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MOCEP members,

The work of the Missouri state chapter focuses on 6 areas – Education & Programing, Research Grants & Awards, Legislative Affairs & Health Policy, Membership, Communication and Chapter Finances. Each of those committees depend on physician members to make things happen. This is your opportunity to get involved in MOCEP.  We know you are busy but hope that you’ll volunteer a few hours to work with colleagues from across Missouri to:

1)     Raise awareness and fight for issues that impact our patients, practices and families

2)     To create education opportunities, and identify research projects worthy of our support

3)     To share news about what we are doing with peers and the public

4)     Ensure that our chapter has the people and resources need to address the issues that impact  Emergency Care in Missouri

Please send an email to me ( or our Executive Director (Cecile Landrum at ) and we’ll get you assigned to one of the committees.  A list of the committees is included below.

We greatly appreciate your time and involvement!


Douglas Char, MD
Wash Univ Emergency Medicine


Committee Chair Assignments
Finance and PAC Robert Poirier Budget, contracts, PAC (a separate committee)
Education and Programing Christopher Sampson Education conf, Advocacy Day, ACEP reception
Res Grants & Awards Ted McMurry MOCEP research grants, medical student awards, Battle of the belt
Communication Jonathan Heidt, Evan Schwarz MOCEP Web page, EPIC Newsletter 
Legislative Affairs-Health Policy Larry Slaughter, Christine Sullivan Legislative affairs, ACEP council, health policies
Membership Bradley Barth, Timothy Koboldt Recruitment, retention, physician outreach