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Message to MOCEP Members from the Membership Committee

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By: Brad Barth, MD, FACEP – MOCEP Membership Committee Chair

Thanks for belonging! We appreciate you being a member of MOCEP and thank you for being here! This year the Membership Committee has a goal of contacting the ED physicians in Missouri that are not yet part of MOCEP and inviting them to join. As a first step toward achieving that goal we plan to develop a map of where our current members live. We will identify the areas of the state where we have large concentrations of members as well as areas where our membership numbers are smaller than expected. Once we have this information, we will reach out to more emergency physicians and grow the ranks of MOCEP. Our committee is: Bradley Barth (chair), Randy Jotte, Tim Koboldt, Thomas Pinson, Dustin Keefer and Dennis Hughes. If you have any ideas for boosting membership or adding value to your membership, please feel free to contact anyone from the committee, or please email me at Bradley@MOCEP.org


Brad Barth, MD, FACEP



Welcome New Members!


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