From the President

From the President

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Douglas Char, MD, FACEP

MOCEP has grown in membership and we’ve expanded our participation at the regional and national level the past few years. It’s good to periodically stop, take a breath and consider where we’ve been and where we are going – least we end up somewhere dark and scary.

The MOCEP Board of Directors held a strategic planning retreat July 10-11th in St. Louis at the Charles Knight Executive Center on the campus of Washington University. We spent day one listening to reports from the various committee chairs and asked the question – how can MOCEP better meet the needs of its members and the public? We spent the second day prioritizing objectives and starting the work of figuring out how to accomplish those goals. You will be hearing much more about these projects in the future. To review the 2015 MOCEP BOD Meeting – Retreat Minutes, click here.

It has been a year since Cecile Landrum took over as our Executive Director. The Board discussed successes and challenges of this new relationship. We identified ways of enhancing our relationship and the role of the Executive Director. We want MOCEP to be even more productive and effective moving forward.

One of the big insights the board came to was that we need to really work hard to get input from YOU, our members. To that end our goal this year is to have 2-3 members on each committee – not just Directors. If you have an interest in serving on one of MOCEP’s standing committees – PLEASE contact Cecile.

  • Communication
  • Membership
  • Legislative Affairs and Health Policy
  • Research Grants & Awards
  • Finance and PAC
  • EMS
  • Education and Programming

We started working on some high impact projects in the weeks since the retreat. We have just signed a contract with MayeCreate Design to revamp the MOCEP webpage to be more mobile friendly. Efforts are under way to create a survey to help us better understand the priorities, wishes, and concerns of the membership. The Legislative Affairs team has been working hard to address concerns raised about demands placed on Emergency Providers by the newly unveiled Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) System.

Based in large part on discussions at the retreat in July, MOCEP submitted four resolutions to the ACEP Council (see Dr. Pinson’s article) for consideration in October. We are also co-sponsoring an EMRA resolution. EMRA President Matt Rudy came to the retreat on day two and addressed the Board. We have in turn reached out to the ACEP Ultrasound Section and Kansas ACEP to help cosponsor two of our resolutions. Our six councillors will be very busy at this year’s council in Boston, October 24-25.

I hope many of you are planning to attend ACEP15. Based on reports from the August 18, All Chapter Conference call, this may be the biggest Scientific Assembly in our history. Mark your calendar – Monday October 26, 5:30-7:30 Missouri Reception for all MOCEP members, Missouri Residency Alumni and guests at the Westin Waterfront Hotel, Lewis Room.