Dr. Greg Henry Applauds MoCEP Authored Resolutions

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We hope our members that attended the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Boston this year had a great time and a wonderful trip.  While the Board and Council members that attended managed to have some fun, we also accomplished a lot.  This year, MoCEP authored 5 resolutions that were approved at the council meeting.

In this month’s edition of Emergency Physician’s Monthly, Dr. Greg Henry (former ACEP President) discusses some of the more worthy resolutions.

MoCEP authored the resolution about ultrasound reimbursement discussed under “Motherhood and Apple Fritters.”  Some insurance companies are trying to bundle ultrasounds performed by ED physicians. We believe this is a separate and important procedure that we spend hours mastering and so should be billed as such.  He also discussed our resolution about improving transparency in freestanding EDs and urgent cares (resolution #33).  We believe that patients should not have to guess at what services are being offered and should be aware of the billing implications so that they can make an informed decision.  In addition, see his insightful commentary about a few of the other resolutions that were approved by the ACEP council.