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2017 in Full Form

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The Missouri legislature is off to a fast start. Bills of interest include

  • Prescription drug monitoring: 2 bills are in the works. We again support the version by Rep. Rehder and Sen. Schatz. The version by Sen. Schaaf would be ineffective and it is highly questionable that it would form a usable monitoring system for Emergency Physicians.
  • Tort reform: Multiple bills in the works. One increases the expert witness testimony to the Daubert standard. It helps to ensure that only true experts can testify. Collateral source legislation is also working through the legislature. Changes healthcare services from being admitted at their value to the actual cost that patients paid for the service, which is likely less than the original value.
  • Opioid guidelines bill: This may sound like a good thing but it is probably not. Another bad bill introduced by Sen Schaaf. It would discipline physicians for not following the CDC opioid prescribing guidelines. However, it does not say what this means, how it would be done, and who would do it. In addition, the guidelines don’t exactly apply to emergency medicine and recommend using a PDMP, which we don’t have.
  • Helmet bill: It is placed on the ballot every year. We have the same opinion as always, helmets save lives.

Many more bills of interest are also working their way through. For more information follow the discussion forum or our Facebook or Twitter accounts.