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EMS legislation

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Several important bills regarding EMS were filed in the last few weeks.

Interstate Compact – HB100 – the compact is to facilitate the exchange of information between members states regarding EMS personnel licensure, adverse actions, and significant investigatory information.

Reporting requirement –HB1137 – This bill specifies that a law enforcement officer, paramedic, emergency services personnel, or other first responder who administers an emergency opioid antagonist to an individual shall report such use of the emergency opioid antagonist to the police or sheriff’s department in the appropriate jurisdiction, and such police or sheriff’s department shall produce and provide a police report to the appropriate prosecutor in order to supply such department with information that may support a charge for illegal possession of drugs and use of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Not sure anyone will call 911 if they know this is the consequence. In addition, this would require them to call ANYTIME they administer naloxone, whether it had anything to do with illicit drug abuse or not. Lastly, this would be unlikely to improve or current opioid epidemic or cause people to stop using opioids, just to have them stop calling for help. This is a bad bill.

In addition there was a bill introduced about 911. The Senate Transportation Committee voted out AND reported in Senator Wallingford’s 911 legislation on Thursday (SB233).  This means the bill is on the Senate Debate Calendar, however it is possibly too far down to reach. Please click on the link for more information.