The Helmet Law HB 576

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H.B 576 did make it out of the House and is in the Senate. This bill would make it legal to once again not wear helmets. It generally passes the House most years so this is not unexpected. It is unlikely to get on the Senate calendar, which it would need to do to be voted out of the Senate. It was also added on to SB 8 as an amendment but we were able to get it stripped from there. We believe it is unlikely to make it out of the Senate. The bad news is that if it miraculously did, it sounds like the Governor would sign it.

If you are concerned about this bill passing, please contact your Senators to let them know that you disapprove. Also, please join us for Advocacy Day next January where we discuss our concerns with our Representatives and Senators. MOCEP has steadily lobbied against this bill. If it is still on the legislative agenda next year, we plan to do so again at Advocacy Day.