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Updates on ACEP and the Opioid Crises

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Dr. Mark Rosenberg on the ACEP Board of Directors was appointed to the HHS Pain Management and Best Practices Task Force by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

ACEP also submitted comments to the Senate Finance Committee regarding efforts that Medicare and Medicaid can take to improve our current opioid situation. ACEP is also working to address areas of concern under CARA 2.0. While this legislation has benefits, there are also areas that are concerning such as limiting prescribing to 3 days for opioids without exception. While this may be okay for many patients, there may be some that would benefit from a few more days and physicians should be able to exercise their own judgement. You can view ACEP’s responses to the Senate Finance Committee here. ACEP Response – Senate Finance Committee – Opioid Request – 02162018