ABEM Survey about MOC

ABEM Survey about MOC

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In March of this year, ABEM announced that it would be working on an alternative to ConCert (the recertification exam)—tentatively named MyEMCert, and that some modifications would be made to ConCert.

Please answer three questions to help develop MyEMCert and improve ConCert, plus a few demographic questions to assure we have answers representative of all ABEM-certified physicians.

ABEM has talked with several groups of ABEM-certified physicians in developing MyEMCert and in making the modifications to ConCert. We are interested in hearing from every ABEM-certified physician before we move ahead. 

If you did not receive a survey or have questions, please email MOC@abem.org.

There are five surveys, but you should just receive one version; this is also why you shouldn’t use someone else’s link. Every survey has the same first and second question, while one or two other questions are different. That way, ABEM will have a sampling of answers to several questions, yet every physician will have only three main questions to answer. These questions are followed by six demographic questions.

ABEM surveys thousands of emergency physicians every year. In coming up with MyEMCert, ABEM met with representatives from 26 state ACEP chapters, AAEM leadership, previous members of the ABEM Board of Directors, and held a summit with representatives from every major EM organization. Although we have heard from many, we would like the thousands of ABEM-certified physicians we have not talked with to have a voice. We think it is critically important to have your input as we develop this new recertification process.

Thank you!