Review of ACEP President-Elect’s Resignation

Review of ACEP President-Elect’s Resignation

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This has been a very trying week. Now that we have started the process to address the immediate challenge ahead of the college, your Council Officers and your Board of Directors are unified in action to assemble a panel directed to evaluate and understand what transpired. This panel will review:

– contributory external factors,
– what internal processes were used and the timing thereof, and
– what lessons we can gain as an organization so we may best represent the voice of Emergency Medicine from here forward.

This team will be Chaired by your Vice Speaker. There will be representation of members from Council, your Board and its Executive Committee, as well as ACEP’s General Counsel.

It is our intent to deliver a report to Council ahead of the 2018 annual meeting.

Thank you for your patience as we do our due diligence.

Very Respectfully,
Paul Kivela, MD, MBA, FACEP, President
John McManus, MD, MBA, MSC, FACEP, Speaker
Gary Katz, MD, MBA, FACEP, Vice-Speaker