A Letter from former ACEP President-Elect, Dr. John Rogers

A Letter from former ACEP President-Elect, Dr. John Rogers

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To the ACEP Council:

It has been a little more than a week since my resignation as President-Elect. Thought the circumstances and my motivation were clear, but speculation persists.

My decision was based on what I thought best, not only for the College but for our specialty. Over the past several months I was aware of many things, among them editorials, postings on social media, and conversations during CORD, SAEM and LAC. Understood that more than one Resolution was forthcoming this fall and that a contingent of past presidents were dismayed that I was even nominated.

The College sensed this controversy may become a crisis, and that others were using my background to further fragment our specialty. It was also felt that this would escalate heading into our 50th Anniversary and continue throughout my term. The controversy was not about any of my actions, words, or service on the Board. It was about my lack of board certification in EM, which is something neither I nor anyone else can change.

As the deadline for appointing an interim PE was approaching, it was necessary for me to make a decision no later than the June Board meeting. To me the best option was for me to step aside, so the College and specialty could then spend their time, energy and resources on addressing the truly important issues facing us, rather than arguing over the legitimacy of my presidency.

My deep wish is for everyone to set aside their swords, their sharp and stinging words. To realize we are siblings in the EM family, and allies in a common cause: to provide the best care possible to patients, to advance the science of our craft, and to improve the lives of those who practice it. Every EM organization has a special niche and purpose, and holds my highest regards. We can do more as a specialty by working collaboratively, with mutual respect and kindness, than by divisiveness and further fragmentation.

Kindest regards,

John R