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Managed Medicaid

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We are currently working on issues with medicaid downcoding charts based on a final diagnosis. If you have encountered these issues, please let us know. 

We are not the only state running into issues with medicaid.

While on the topic of Medicaid, last summer the Dallas Morning News ran an investigative series on Medicaid managed care in Texas. Many of those articles were sent out to the State Advocacy Network at the time. The articles seemed to reveal a pattern of treatment denials to severely ill and disabled patients. Many of those denials eventually were overturned, but the patients, many of them children, went without recommended treatment in the meantime. In the aftermath of that series, the Dallas Morning News now reports that a bipartisan group of legislators have filed several bills intended to remedy the abuses reported on last summer. The new article, as well as links to the previous series, can be found here. Beckers Hospital Review has also picked up and provided links to the story.