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ACEP 2014 Council Review

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Christine Sullivan, MD, FACEP

Larry Slaughter, MD, FACEP


The 2014 ACEP Council meeting was in Chicago at the end of October and focused on bylaws and practice issues relevant to our organization and specialty. Missouri had six of the 367 Council votes (state representation is determined by the number of ACEP members for the state).

The Council may adopt a resolution which is then sent to the ACEP Board of Directors for final consideration, refer the resolution to the Board for further evaluation, or vote to not adopt the resolution which means the issue is dropped (at least for this year).

A summary of some of the more interesting, important, relevant Council resolutions follows. Referred to the Board were resolutions regarding professional licensure of EMS providers (in part due to differences in state licensing requirements) and Geriatric ED Accreditation.

It is of particular interest to all those physicians practicing in Missouri that the Council adopted a resolution for ACEP to call on Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and the Missouri legislature to rescind sections of 716 and 754 which created “Assistant Physician” designation. The discussion centered on the fact that residency training was paramount in developing physician competency. Part of the resolution is that ACEP draft a letter to the Governor; it should be interesting to see if there is a response!


Practice related resolutions adopted included: EMTALA liability reform, ED Mental Health Information Exchange, fair payment for telemedicine services, supporting a policy for the elimination of triage barriers to timely patient care by government mandated screening questions and studying the feasibility of creating trauma center certification programs similar to that of the American College of Surgeons, and the development of Bariatric ED guidelines. Of interest to EM a resolution passed advocating and supporting training and equipping first responders with Naloxone and advocating the availability of Naloxone as an over the counter medication.


The Council did not adopt resolutions to promote ED organ donor registration and various cannabis related resolutions, including decriminalizing possession of marijuana for personal use.