What is MOCEP?

The Missouri College of Emergency Physicians (MOCEP) is a not for profit organization created to support and advocate for Emergency Medical Physicians (EMPs) practicing in the state of Missouri. MOCEP is a state chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

Our Mission

MOCEP’s mission statement is to support the highest quality emergency medicine care and to serve as advocates for our patients, our members and our specialty.

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Join us as we attend @MoAcep first #EmergencyMedicine Leadership Summit, bringing together Medical Directors from across the state to learn about unique issues affecting healthcare providers and patients in Missouri.

"We have experienced shortages of most every drug," Dr. James Augustine says. "It's getting hard to keep track.” In an ACEP survey last year of emergency physicians, 9 in 10 had experienced a shortage in the previous month. https://t.co/bW8gl3fvhO

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