Our Involvement

Supplying Needed Advocacy

Missouri College for Emergency Physicians (MoCEP) was created to provide education, support and advocacy for the Emergency Medical physicians (EMPs) practicing in Missouri. MoCEP recognizes important issues regarding healthcare regulations, education and health insurance, and stands up in support of EMPs practicing in Missouri.

The Voice that Carries

MoCEP has a strong position within the Missouri medical world. Having worked with the Missouri State Medical Association, the college strives to address issues important to emergency physicians in Missouri. Throughout the year MoCEP speakers, supporting physicians, and a MoCEP lobbyist frequent committee meetings held at the Missouri capital, to testify and further the agenda of the college.

Reaching outside Missouri, MoCEP has worked directly with the national American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Annually, a group from the college attends the ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Meeting in bringing concerns to US senators and members of the House of Representatives.

Educating the Future

MoCEP’s voice extends the call of furthering education. The college attends the MSMA annual April meeting with a speaker who reviews LLSA articles about furthering education within the medical world. MoCEP reaches out to other groups such as the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians and the ACEP Southeast Chapters about participating in their yearly meeting.

Providing Resident Education

Understanding the need for adequate education, MoCEP provides several educational opportunities for Residents:

  • Research grants for residents.
  • Sponsorships for residents to join ACEP.
  • Sponsorships for residents to attend the Leadership and Advocacy Conference.



Tackling the Issues at Hand

In addition to their government involvement, MoCEP works with the American College of Emergency Physicians to challenge issues specifically important to Missouri Emergency physicians. Issues of current concern are the following:

  • SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate)
  • Medicaid Reimbursement and Expansion
  • Development of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  • Tort Reform
  • Funding for Graduate Medical Education
  • Obtaining Further Protection for ED Physicians and Consultants Under EMTALA Mandated Care

In the future, MoCEP will be working to assist EMPs in the transition to the Affordable Care Act.

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