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What’s Ahead for Emergency Medicine

There is much at stake in the future.

Last year, the Missouri State Legislature considered issues such as tort reform, Medicaid expansion, scope of practice concerns, and a prescription drug monitoring bill. All of these issues will have a direct impact on how we will be able to care for our patients in our emergency departments across the state.

Through the Missouri EMPAC, we can support candidates for the state legislature and re-election of legislators who make decisions on issues that can profoundly impact our specialty and the patients we treat. It is no longer enough to learn, teach, and practice emergency medicine to ensure the specialty’s growth and stability. Each one of us needs to be actively engaged in the politics and policy making that affects our practice.

The more friends we have in Jefferson City, the more success we will have in creating awareness for our issues and recognition that emergency physicians are on the front lines of our healthcare system and can be problem solvers and partners in finding legislative solutions on complex issues.

What You Can Do

  • Make a personal contribution online with your credit card.
  • Make a corporate contribution online with your credit card.
  • Contribute through your ACEP dues statement.
    When you receive your annual ACEP dues statement in the mail or when renewing your dues on-line, check the “MO EMPAC” box and include your contribution with your annual dues.

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Please mail all contributions to:
P.O. Box 1865 213 East Capitol Avenue, Suite 200, Jefferson City, MO 65101