Hospital-Initiated Bridge Programming: Engaging Patients In Care Coordination (EPICC)

EPICC is a hospital-initiated opioid overdose program that provides 24/7 referral and linkage services for patients who present to hospital for opioid overdose or misuse to establish immediate connections from hospitals to community-level treatment services.

As of August 2019, EPICC programming has been integrated in the central, eastern and western regions of the state – serving over 5000 community members.


To learn more about EPICC and its progress in  Missouri, click here.

Background: Patients routinely present to emergency rooms (ER) seeking help with opioid withdrawal and – all too often – needing emergency resuscitation for opioid overdose. Opioid use disorder (OUD) should be managed by integrating a combination of treatment modalities, namely an integrated pharmacological and psychosocial approach to treatment.  Utilizing evidenced-based, FDA-approved medicines (e.g. buprenorphine/Suboxone) in the ER can improve patient engagement and connection to OUD treatment services. The acute needs of patients who present to hospital due to opioid overdose requires service coordination that provides immediate linkages to FDA-approved medications, opioid use disorder treatment and recovery support. For more information, contact:



RegionContactAgencyEmail / Phone Number
Central, Southwest, WesternShawn BillingsMissouri Hospital Associationsbillings@mhanet.com

(573) 893-3700, ext. 1409

EasternWendy OrsonBehavioral Health Network314-348-0958


CentralCrisis Line – Available 24/7/365 800-395-2132
SouthwestCrisis Line – Available 24/7/365 800-494-7355