2016 Legislative Update

2016 Legislative Update

POSTED IN: Summer 2016,

By: Jorgen Schlemeier


The Missouri Legislative Session concluded and we accomplished what you sent us to do. First do no harm ring a bell? Well it ain’t just for doctors anymore, we lobbyist also believe in that oath and defeating harmful legislation, or agency rules (both are laws when enacted), have become weighted nearly equal to new initiatives. In the event you do not get to the bottom of this article, I want to give a special thanks to Drs. Doug Char and Jonathan Heidt, who had to endure my continuous questions and request for quick feedback; and Jeff Howell of the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) for being very helpful on all of our issues.

Don’t read the newspaper, and definitely not the internet, about what happened in the MLS (Missouri Legislative Session – for the novices and apologies to the veterans); this column has been deemed the official MLS report for this newsletter, sort of.

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