EMPAC Contributors

EMPAC Contributors

POSTED IN: Fall 2016,

Thank you to these members who have made a recent contribution to the Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee!

You can make a one-time payment or a recurring monthly payment via credit card, automatic withdrawal, or check. Visit the Contribute link (https://mocep.org/advocacy/contribute/) to donate through the MOCEP website, or print a form and mail to the MOCEP office.

Please be aware that most universities and hospitals, and many corporations cannot contribute to a PAC. If your dues are paid through a group that cannot give to a PAC, we hope you will consider making a direct contribution.

Danny Berry
Douglas Char
Amanda Dinsmore
Maia Dorsett
Lorraine Duncan
Michael Eastman
Robert Evens
Edward Ferguson
Williams S. Gilmore
James Hall
Randall Howell
Dennis Hughes
Rachel Brown Jefferson
Randall Jotte
Erin Khouri
Jennifer Kimbrell
Thomas Lynch
Alan Martin
Olusola Orebiyi
Nicholas Renz
Jennifer Roberts
Phillip Rohde
Jeffrey Siegler
Jacob Spain
Daryl Steen
Kenneth Stewart
Srikala Subramanian
Zachary Tebb
Kyle Vanstone
Laura Wallace