ACEP: View From a Resident

ACEP: View From a Resident

POSTED IN: January/February 2017,

Written by Adam Rieves, MD, PGY-2

ACEP 2016 in Las Vegas was my first time at this meeting, and its effect on my training has been palpable. I attended this event to run for a position on the EMRA Board of Directors, and was also able  to experience what the meeting had to offer. The scale of this conference is substantial, and figuring out which, among the myriad educational opportunities, to seek out was challenging. Each day there was a lunch lecture that was resident focused. One day was focused on the options available for board preparation, another was a wonderful talk by Dr. Amal Mattu.

Emergency medicine is on the forefront of quality of presentations in medical education. This was showcased by the EMRA event “Twenty in Six.” Residents competed to present a talk on any topic using twenty slides, in six minutes; no more, no less. These talks were informative, entertaining, and practice changing. Additionally, this meeting was an opportunity to see advocacy in action. It was impactful to see how Emergency Medicine is ensuring that our profession is well represented at the policy level.

Finally, the MOCEP reception held prior to our program’s dinner was a great opportunity to network and find out what Emergency Physicians outside of “Big Barnes (my hospital)” are interested in, concerned about, and I learned more about what a career outside of a large academic center is like.

Our collective voice matters and there are several platforms in place to help amplify it. I would encourage trainees to get involved with advocacy on some level, whether it’s state-wide or nationally. The barrier to entry is low, the people are friendly and passionate, and we can make a difference. The prospect of attending ACEP again in 2017 is enticing, and I look forward to seeing many familiar faces next year.