Wellness Tips for Emergency Physicians

Wellness Tips for Emergency Physicians

POSTED IN: January/February 2017,

ACEP’s Emergency Medicine Wellness Week may be over but the tips and information provided should be a focus year-round for your health and the health of your co-workers. Below you will find some of the tips provided by ACEP, but please go online to the ACEP wellness section to get a complete list of tips and resources.

Tips to Improve Your Physical Well-Being

  • Increase healthy food intake – such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and water. Try a new and fun, healthy food.
  • Try a new type of exercise you might enjoy – yoga, Zumba, circuit training
  • Set an alarm to GO TO bed

Tips to Make or Rekindle Connections

  • Write a letter to someone you want to thank, or offer an apology, then personally deliver the letter.
  • Learn to meditate, use online resources or take a class
  • Volunteer to do something for which you have a passion

Tips for Career Enhancement

  • Structure an action at work to improve work environment in the trenches
  • Each day write out one reason you chose Emergency Medicine as your career
  • Read a book on leadership or learn a new leadership tactic
  • Do self-monitoring on personal wellness