ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference 2017

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POSTED IN: EPIC - The Official Newsletter of MOCEP, May/June 2017,

Written by Lauren Crawford, MD, Resident, University of Missouri – Columbia, Bill Jermyn Advocacy Grant Recipient

I’m a first year resident in the University of Missouri-Columbia’s Emergency Medicine residency, and I was a 2017 LAC newbie. I attended ACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference for the first time in March, and came back feeling like a better human. Or maybe just inspired from spending time with so many other ‘better humans.’ While the conference sessions were educational and CHOCK FULL of more policy information than I could possibly retain, I think I learned the most from casual interactions with other ER providers and leaders. These were normal, busy professionals that, in addition to working their daily jobs, are trying to improve their patient’s lives and their practice environments on a policy level. Talk about making a difference!

And on Capitol Hill Visit Day, when the weather threatened to cancel our lobbying day, we made plans to visit as many of our Congressional leaders as possible anyway. I had a great time meeting some outstanding national leaders and getting to know local Missouri physician leaders at LAC, as well as learning about policy and advocacy. Great conference, and I look forward to continued involvement in the future.