Executive Director Report – 2017-2019 MOCEP Priorities

Executive Director Report – 2017-2019 MOCEP Priorities

POSTED IN: September/October 2017,

The MOCEP Board of Directors held a Board Retreat July 22-23 in Columbia on the University of Missouri campus. The goal of the retreat was to identify priorities for the next two years and to evaluate current MOCEP activities and programs. We had a great turnout of board members and some additional members that were invited to attend as guests. I want to extend a big thank you to all that participated!

We had a lot of items on our agenda, and only two days to get through it all. After much discussion, brainstorming and analysis, the following priorities were set to be the focus of the committees and the MOCEP Board of Directors for 2017 through 2019.

Branding of MOCEP as the association for emergency medicine physicians

  • MOCEP has a strong online presence but we need to always be improving upon it (via our website, social media, etc.).
  • Developing relationships with other groups (medical associations, medical schools, EMIGs, PAs, nurses, etc.) so they will know who we are, and who we represent.
  • Membership engagement: encourage our members to get more involved with MOCEP.
  • Avoidable ER visits: this is a hot topic right now and MOCEP needs to brand itself as the resource for EM physicians on this topic.
  • We want members to see MOCEP as a Value Added benefit for the profession.

Member Engagement

  • Board diversity: Add more diversity to the board including gender, age, race and academic/non-academic ratios.
  • Leverage technology to get members more involved and know what MOCEP is doing for them.
  • Encourage physicians at a young age to get more involved in MOCEP. If they see the value as students and residents they are more likely to remain active in the association.
  • Improve bandwidth/resources
  • Work with AAEM to expand the resources of EM physicians.

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

  • Brand ourselves as EM experts on a legislative and regulatory level.
  • Build new and expand upon existing relationship with other groups (medical associations, medical schools, EMIGs, PAs, nurses, etc.).
  • Become the go-to resource when the topic of “Avoidable ER visits” is discussed by insurance companies, Medicaid, etc.
  • We want our members to see that our legislative activities are a valuable benefit to their membership.


  • Find ways to generate more non-dues revenue.
  • Our current membership is fragmented and exists mainly along the I-70 corridor and Springfield. We would like to expand our membership to include all areas of Missouri.
  • While we are a financially stable association, we would like to see the association continue to grow
  • Member engagement is the best way that we will see growth as an association. Retaining current members, recruiting new members, and recruiting residents and students are important to our growth.                                     

If you would like to get more involved in MOCEP, please consider joining a committee. Our committees help to direct the path of the association, and develop and implement the priorities above. A list of committees and a description of their activities are available on our website, along with a form to complete with the committee(s) in which you would like to be involved. Good news! The time commitment is minimal and your impact can be very large. For the most part, all committee work can be handled either via the phone or webinar so travel should not be an issue.

Thank you for your participation in MOCEP and please consider getting more involved, either through a committee and/or attending our upcoming events. If you are attending ACEP17, please join us at the Missouri reception on October 30 at 5 p.m.


Sarah Luebbert

Executive Director