Update on the TCD Budget Line Item Veto

Update on the TCD Budget Line Item Veto

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A couple of weeks ago Governor Parson signed the $28 billion state budget. At this time a list of line item vetoes was released including a veto of the $153,546 to support the TCD system within the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

Since the time of this veto many organizations, including MOCEP, have written letters and contacted the governor’s office asking them to restore these funds back into the budget. The importance of the TCD system and the impact this line item veto would have on the state emergency response system have been explained during the communications.

At this time, DHSS has not released information on the impact this will have on the existing designated TCD facilities or EMS transport protocols. There is a budget hearing on Tuesday, July 17, and MOCEP will have representation present to monitor discussions.

As soon as we hear more information we will be sure to provide it to you.