Emergency Ultrasound Tracker

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POSTED IN: EPIC - The Official Newsletter of MOCEP, July/August 2018,

Emergency physicians regularly apply for hospital credentials to perform emergency procedures including emergency ultrasound. Theoretically, ultrasound training, credentialing and billing should be no different than other emergency procedures where training occurs in residency and an attestation letter from the residency is sufficient for local credentialing. When such training occurs outside of residency, “proctored pathways” often serve to assure competency. There is still a lack of understanding and awareness in the general medical community that emergency physicians routinely train in and perform point-of-care ultrasound. 

The Emergency Ultrasound Tracker was created to assist members in achieving official recognition of ultrasound skills. This tool allows you to easily keep track of ultrasound scans you have performed over the course of your career in emergency medicine. It also allows you to upload relevant documents that attest to your training. After inputting and self-attesting to your ultrasound information you may download a letter of recognition from ACEP so long as you have attested to meeting the recommendations for emergency ultrasound training put forth in the ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines. We hope you find this tracker tool helpful and useful in your practice.